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        GrindeROO 4 Piece Premium Metal Herb Grinder

         If you're searching for a no-nonsense grinder to add to your collection, give the GrindeROO OG a go! This 4-Piece 63mm Herb Grinder is as fierce as a boxing kangaroo - its...

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        GrindeROO 4-Piece Metal Herb Grinder + Sticker Pack Bundle

        Cop the hottest herb grinder in town and a handy sticker pack to go along with it!  You can get the best of both worlds with this GrindeROO vinyl sticker pack!...

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        TinyROO 4pc Premium Metal Herb Grinder

        The ROO is back and better than ever! We heard that you guys wanted a more compact version of the original GrindeROO 4-Piece so we came up with the TinyRoo 55mm...

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        GrindeROO 2pc Premium Biscuit Grinder

        We spent four months developing our two-piece grinder and tried dozens of sample models before coming to the conclusion that these single chamber grinders just stick!So we came up with a...

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        GrindeROO OG 'Mates Pack'

        The GrindeROO OG 'Mates Pack' is perfect for you and your mate to grind up together! Save at least $15 when buying two grinders!   This pack includes:  2 x GrindeROO...

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        GrindeROO 3pcs Shark Tooth Herb Grinder

        The GrindeROO shark tooth grinder has been designed to grind your herbs on the go. It is lightweight and with the large top storage compartment enables you to grind and store your...