How to Clean Your GrindeROO Metal Herb Grinder

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A good quality metal herb grinder is an excellent investment for all cannabis users out there. Here at GrindeROO, we’re passionate about creating premium metal herb grinders for affordable prices. A single GrindeROO metal herb grinder can last for years and deliver you the perfect grind every time. But like most quality products, GrindeROOs can benefit from a bit of love and care once in a while. It’s important that you clean your GrindeROO in order to keep it in top working condition. After all, they say prevention is the best cure. 

Grinding up cannabis will leave oil residue and bits of dried plant material in the grinder. Over time, these remnants can cause blockages and other problems that affect the quality of your grind. This is why it’s important to clean your GrindeROO after a period of use to ensure that they can deliver a smooth grind 24/7 all year round. Thankfully, if you have a bit of know-how, cleaning a metal herb grinder is a breeze. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to clean metal herb grinders to make sure that cannabis users out there can always get the grind that they need.



Materials Needed to Clean a GrindeROO Metal Herb Grinder

If you’re a daily user, you might want to give your GrindeROO a clean every month or so. If you’re a less frequent user, you may only need to clean it every few months. In any event, you’ll generally need the same materials each time for your clean:

  1. Your GrindeROO metal herb grinder
    Of course, you'll need the grinder itself. Most metal herb grinders follow the same design, but with GrindeROOs there are a bit of variation. The OG GrindeROO and the MightyROO share the traditional 4-piece design. The DrOO [link to DrOO product page] uses a 3-piece threadless design, which makes it easier to clean due to it having fewer compartments and moving parts.

  2. Small brush
    A soft-bristle brush, like a clean toothbrush or a tiny paintbrush, can help remove any stubborn debris that gets trapped between the teeth of the GrindeROO.

  3. Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
    When it comes to cleaning grime out of your GrindeROO, this is your bread and butter. In Australia, you can buy 5 litres online for around $45 dollars. There are also places like A Friend Indeed who offer refills in-store if you bring your own container.

  4. A freezer and freezer-safe container:
    You may need these if you need to freeze the GrindeROO to make the cleaning process easier.

  5. A rolling tray, plate, or cutting board
    When disassembling your GrindeROO, these can be helpful to catch any kief that might fall out.

  6. Toothpick or small multitool with a scraper
    These are useful for loosening any compacted material or residue that has become clogged in a tight space within the grinder.

  7. Paper towels
    Make sure to have a paper towel on hand to dry your grinder after it has been soaked in isopropyl.


Steps For Cleaning Your GrindeROO Metal Herb Grinder

Step 1: Disassemble the grinder  

You’ll first need to disassemble the grinder so you can have easy access to all the parts for cleaning. Make sure that you remember how to reassemble the grinder before you do this. Most metal herb grinders, including GrindeROOs, have instructions on how to assemble the grinder if you’re a first time user. 

It’s at this point that you can freeze the grinder for easier cleaning. Just put the disassembled pieces in a freezer safe container and leave it there for about 30 minutes. While this step is not a must, it does make the plant matter easier to remove.

Step 2: Brush and scrape the grinder  

Next, you should take your paint brush or toothbrush and run it against all internal surfaces. You may also need to tap the grinder several times to dislodge any debris. Any debris that doesn't come loose will need to be removed using the multitool or toothpick. If you are using a metal multi-tool, take care not to accidentally damage any grinder components. Make sure to perform this step over a plate, board or tray, so you can collect any kief that you want to save for later. 

Step 3: Soak the grinder 


Now it’s time to remove any stubborn grime that can’t be removed by scraping or brushing. Fill a small reusable container with isopropyl alcohol and soak the grinder in it for 20 - 30 minutes. Afterwards, the alcohol should have dissolved the grime from the grinder. You can easily reuse the same isopropyl for next time and for cleaning consumption implements such as bongs if you keep the container sealed safely between uses. Once the time is up, remove the grinder from the alcohol and then wipe it down using a paper towel before leaving it to air dry. 

Step 4: Assemble the grinder 

Once the grinder is dry and free of any remaining debris, you can safely assemble it for use. Happy grinding! 


What About Plastic Grinders? 

For plastic grinders Step 1 and 2 are the same, although plastic can become fragile if frozen, so keep this in mind. 


For Step 3, instead of using isopropyl alcohol, you will need to use boiling water. Drop the plastic grinder components in boiling hot water for approximately one minute. Then remove the hot parts of the grinder with tongs and place them on a towel to cool for approximately 10 minutes. Make sure to kill the heat once you drop your grinder components in and keep a close watch on the grinder because high temperatures will melt the plastic.  

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