Australian Wholesale Herb Grinders
for Medical Cannabis, Vape Stores, Head Shops, Pharmacies and More

Want GrindeROO’s for your business? We sell our herb grinders to businesses of all sizes that share our passion for a quality grinding experience.


Australian Wholesale

Herb Grinders From GrindeROO

We regularly sell our herb grinders in bulk (minimum order of ten grinders) to businesses such as: 

  • Medical cannabis companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Clinics
  • Head shops
  • Vape stores

We’re also open to selling to other businesses that share our passion for quality grinders.  We sell wholesale both domestically and internationally. We can ship overseas to places like the United States, Canada, Thailand, New Zealand and many more.  

Why Buy Australian Wholesale Herb Grinders With GrindeROO?

Here are just a few reasons that you should buy your wholesale herb grinders from GrindeROO:

Cost Savings
We offer an excellent rate on our grinders when purchased wholesale. Our prices are incredibly competitive, allowing our stockists to sell them at better retail prices and make a healthy profit on sales.

 Professionalism and Reliability
If you’re having supply or communication difficulties with your current supplier, you should consider partnering with Grinderoo! We strive to make sure you have the products that you need for your business and always keep our customers informed about their orders. 

Quality Assurance
Here at Grinderoo, we’re passionate about delivering a quality grinding experience. Our grinders are well-designed and highly durable. Our grinders will satisfy the needs of both you and your customers.

Product Range
We have a range of herb grinders suited for different types of customers. For example, our threadless 3-piece DrRoo was purposely designed to be easy to use for novice users.