GrindeROO ‘Dr and Patient Pack’

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GrindeROO 4 Piece Premium Metal Herb Grinder - The 'OG' (Color) Red
Threadless 3 Piece 'DRoo' 55mm Herb Grinder (Color) Black
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The GrindeROO ‘Dr and Patient Pack’ offers a smarter way to medicate with GrindeROO! For the discounted price of only XXX, you get: 
1 x GrindeROO OG 63mm Herb Grinder
1x Threadless 3 Piece 'DRoo' 55mm Herb Grinder 
A heap of stickers 
Free shipping! 

The ‘Dr and Patient Pack’ offers excellent versatility for a great price. If you want a grinder to keep at home and a more compact grinder to take with you on the go, the ‘Dr and Patient Pack’ is perfect for you. It’s also handy if you want to keep two different types of medication in different grinders so you don’t get mixed up. You also can share the GrindeROO love by keeping one grinder for yourself and giving the other to a mate.

The OG Grinderoo 4-Piece 63mm Herb Grinder is as fierce as a boxing kangaroo - its stainless steel, shark-tooth construction featuring multiple compartments makes it a fan favourite. If you’re a herb enthusiast, the OG is bound to leave you impressed and pack a knockout punch to your buds!

Measuring in at only 55mm in diameter, the DRoo is a 3-piece threadless grinder that's the perfect size for those looking for a grinder that’s both compact and efficient. Its innovative threadless design means you'll never have any trouble accessing your medication. The DRoo uses magnetised compartments to keep your medication safe while grinding but can be lifted apart for easy access afterwards.

Don’t delay, snag yourself a GrindeROO
‘Dr and Patient Pack’ today!


OG Onyx (black) & DRoo Black

OG Onyx (black)& DRoo Green

OG Onyx (black)& DRoo Pink

OG Onyx (black)& DRoo Red

OG Sapphire (blue)& DRoo Black

OG Sapphire (blue)& DRoo Green

OG Sapphire (blue) & DRoo Pink

OG Sapphire (blue) & DRoo Red

OG Emerald (green) & DRoo Blac

OG Emerald (green) & DRoo Green

OG Emerald (green) & DRoo Pink

OG Emerald (green) & DRoo Red

OG Topaz (orange) & DRoo Black

OG Topaz (orange) & DRoo Green

OG Topaz (orange) & DRoo Pink

OG Topaz (orange) & DRoo Red

OG Rose quartz (pink) & DRoo Black

OG Rose quartz (pink) & DRoo Green

OG Rose quartz (pink) & DRoo Pink

OG Rose quartz (pink) & DRoo Red

OG Amethyst (purple) & DRoo Black

OG Amethyst (purple) & DRoo Green

OG Amethyst (purple) & DRoo Pink

OG Amethyst (purple) & DRoo Red

OG Ruby (red) & DRoo Black

OG Ruby (red) & DRoo Green

OG Ruby (red) & DRoo Pink

OG Ruby (red) & DRoo Red

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