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TimbeRoo - 3 Piece Wooden Grinder

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Step into a world where nature enhances your grinding experience with the TimbeRoo – a 3-piece wooden herb grinder that stands out in craftsmanship and performance. Each element is designed with premium walnut wood, creating not just a tool, but a piece of art.

Feel the ease with our 'Lion’s Teeth' design, ensuring a smooth grind that transforms your herbs into the perfect texture. The TimbeRoo boasts secure magnets for a firm closure and an impact-resistant glass chamber for both durability and visibility. The ritual of grinding is enriched by the soft, melodic sound made by a gentle tap on the wooden lid, guiding the plant matter through.

Uniquely, the TimbeRoo imparts a subtle, yet discernible difference in flavor compared to alloy or stainless steel grinders, adding a pure, earthy essence to your herbs. This slight change brings forward an authentic taste, elevating your experience.

Chop the green, live the dream with the TimbeRoo! It’s not just about grinding; it’s about savoring the natural, nuanced flavors and enjoying the journey of preparation.

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