Do You Have to Grind Your Cannabis for Vaping?

Mary Palattao
Vaporizing cannabis is more popular than ever and for a good reason. Vaping, instead of combusting your precious buds has a number of benefits. 

First up, you get rid of smoke and everything that is associated with it. That includes the smell to start with. 

You can vaporize inside your home, while punching a bong or lighting a joint would set off fire alarms very quickly. 

Minimising smells are not limited to the exteriors though, vaping also gets rid of the infamous bong breath. That one will surely make your other half happy. 

Apart from less odour, vaping also tends to be healthier. When vaping, there are no or very little tar and other nasties that are associated with burning. Including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and many other harmful chemicals. 

If you are not convinced, we recommend you read this piece on 10 reasons to ditch the bong and switch to vaping

Do You Need a Herb Grinder when Using a Vaporizer?

Yes, you can save yourself time and effort by using a herb grinder when preparing your cannabis for use in a dry herb vaporizer. 

Packing a dry herb vaporizer with gridneroo ground cannabis

The GrindeRoo OG 63 4 Piece Herb Grinder is perfectly suited to chop your dried cannabis to the right size and consistency for most vaporizers. 

Dry herb vapes use a variety of different screens, the parts that determine how finely chopped herbs you can get away with. Our OG GrindeRoo is designed to cut up your buds to pieces that are small enough to provide enough contact surface for conduction and convection vaporizers alike. 

Can You Put an Unground Piece of Bud Into the Vape?

You can put an unground nugget of bud into a vaporizers baking chamber but it won't be utilised very well. 

A conduction vape might heat the nugget up from the chamber walls and you get some nice clouds, however not nearly as much as you could if the bud was ground up. 

Convection vaporizers depend on hot air travelling through the cannabis parts, so having a whole piece of bud in the chamber will severely limit the surface that is exposed to the hot air. 

Putting a whole bud into a convection vape may result in very little to no vapor production and literally waisting your bud. 

Can I Use Scissors to Chop up My Buds for Vaping?

Sure, a good pair of scissors may do the job, however they might be a lot of work, especially to achieve a consistent size. 

Also the resin from your buds sticks to the blades very quickly and can make them stuck together. This makes it hard to use the scissors properly without cleaning. 


Vaping is a great way to consume cannabis. You make it a lot easer on your body by cutting the smoke out. The GrindeROO OG 63 mm herb grinder is designed to cut to the perfect consistency for vaporizers. 

The 4 piece design enables you to grind your cannabis, store the ground up material in the middle storage compartment and load your vaporizer's baking chamber directly from there. 

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