GrindeRoo OG V3 Updates

Mary Palattao
Finally we have the latest version (v3) of our OG Roo in stock. We worked on some cool improvements in the background to make the OG even better for you. 

In this post we'll go though the changes we made and feel free to let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or feedback for us. 

#1 New 100 Micron Screen

Screen size has always been a hot topic and by far the most commented feature. Changing to a finer screen has been the number one request from you ever since we launched the OG Roo. On the other hand, there have been also plenty of requests to leave it on 60 microns, so we were hesitant to make the change. That is until now.

GrindeRoo 60 and 100 micron screens

We have moved to a 100 micron screen in v3 and to keep everyone happy we'll make 60 microns screens available as optional accessory, so anyone who prefers 60 microns, can get it.

#2  Addition of a Guitar Pick Scraper

In The GrindeRoo OG v3 you'll find an additional guitar pick scraper along your scooping scraper. This is to provide you more convenient ways to scrape your screen. 

GrindeRoo OG New Guitar Pick Scraper

Test it out and let us know what you think of it. 

#3 New Smaller Box

We've gone back to the box design of v1, back to a smaller box. We've received a lot of feedback from our retailers about the increased shipping cost on the larger boxes we introduced with v2 last year. 

GrindeRoo OG boxes

The complimentary pouch has been taken out of the box to enable us to go back to the small box and we added a guitar pick scraper instead, based on your feedback. 

These are the main changes and we hope you'll enjoy them. 

As always we are keen to hear from you and any feedback you may have for us about our products. Your feedback helps us to keep making GridneRoo better. 

Keep crushing it with the Roo.

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