Has 2022 Been the Year of the ROO?

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2022 – A Year in Review

It’s getting to that time of year where we review our progress over the last 12 months... and when the GrindeROO crew had time to take stock of what we've been up to, we realised that this year was a bloody ripper!

Without a doubt, 2022 has been massive for GrindeROO. We sold over 1000 grinders this year, which is bloody insane! We’d like to thank YOU – our amazing customers and supporters – for putting a spring in our step. 

We're jumping for joy in preparation for 2023, where we'll no doubt continue to spread the gospel of the humble Aussie herb grinder. Our aim? To put a high quality grinder in the hands of every Australian cannabis user.

We’re Boxing More ROOs Than Ever Before!

In spite of some of the global economic and political turbulence, we’ve been so very lucky.

We bounded out of the harsh conditions of the pandemic with the exuberance of a particularly famous Australian marsupial; releasing a range of exciting new changes to diversify our lineup of products tailored towards Australian medicinal patients and herbal medicine enthusiasts.

Ruby ROO

The first of these changes was to begin offering a range of COLOURS – that’s right, not just black!

WIth the release of the OG Ruby ROO, we took a step into a brave new world – and made some updates to our existing product line, while we were at it.

Take, for example, the introduction of a GrindeROO branded pick to the new batch of OG’s we’re now shipping!

If you ordered a ROO earlier in the year, there’s a possibility that you received one of the older shipments that didn’t include these branded picks. If that’s the case, we apologise – but we hope you appreciate the quality and durability of your ROO nonetheless!

Then, there was the big one…

The Birth of the MightyROO

We dropped our very first crack at a premium 4 piece stainless steel grinder!

If you aren’t already acquainted, meet the MightyROO – a beautiful ode to the classic OG, with the introduction of deluxe materials and a gold coating giving the grinder a far more refined and luxurious feel.

The first edition of this grinder is nearly SOLD OUT – and it’s a limited run! The only places you can now buy them are at A Friend Indeed and Australian Vaporizers. If you want one, you better get in quick before this collector’s item is gone for good!

We've Just Released NEW COLOURS! 💚💗

It really has been an incredible year – but we aren’t done yet!

We're proud to announce the introduction of TWO MORE NEW COLOURS for the OG GrindeROO.

Emerald and Rose Quartz are now live - which means you can snatch them up right now!

One More Thing...

There's one final product we have planned for release before the year is out. 

We can’t give away too many details yet… but let’s just say that this one is a 3 Piece GrindeROO, and it's set to drop this December.

We can't wait to show it to you - this thing has got us HYPED.

‘Til next time, family! 

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