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GrindeRoo OG 63mm 60 Micron Screen

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With the introduction of the GrindeRoo OG, we changed the screen size to 100 microns due to customer feedback. It wasn't an easy decision (you can read more about it here) as many of you prefer the 60 micron screen for one reason or another.

GrindeRoo OG 100 micron and 60 micron screens 

The smaller screen on the left is the new 100 micron, while the larger one on the right is the 60 micron. 

To keep everyone happy from V3 we ship the OG Roos with 100 micron screens and make the 60 micron screen available as an optional item, so it is available if you need it. 

The screen comes with the entire 63mm ring as you can see in the pictures. You can simply screw the ring on replacing the one with the 100 micron to equip your OG Roo with a larger, 60 micron screen.

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